Board of Education Standing Committees




Naming of Board Committees for the 2023 Elective Year.  As per the adopted Board Policy Section 0155, the following standing committees shall be formed and appointed by the President.  Each Committee shall consist of three (3) members (one chairperson designated by the President) plus the Superintendent or his/her designee.


A.        Buildings & Grounds

1)  Nabil Eliya,                                 Chairperson

2)  Richard Formicola

3}  Peter Triolo


B.         Finance

1)  James Canellas,                           Chairperson

2)  Christine Dell’Aglio

3)  Richard Formicola


C.        Negotiations

1)  Richard Formacola                     Chairperson

2)  Brian McCourt

3)  Peter Triolo


D.       Technology & Public Relations

1)  Maryalice Thomas,                     Chairperson

2)  Nabil Eliya

3)  Patricia Fantulin


E.         Policy

1)  Sandra Criscenzo,                       Chairperson

2)  Nabil Eliya 

3)  Richard Formicola


F.        Curriculum and Instruction

1)  Maryalice Thomas,                     Chairperson

2)  Sandra Criscenzo

3)  Christine Dell'Aglio


G.        Legislative


H.         Town Council

1) Peter Triolo

2)Patricia Fantulin


I.         Personnel

1)  Peter Triolo,                                         Chairperson

2)  Sandra Criscenzo

3)  Maryalice Thomas


J.        President’s Advisory Board

1) James Canellas

2) Richard Formicola

3) Peter Triolo

K.       Diversity

1) Christine Dell'Aglio,                           Chairperson
2) James Canellas
3) Sandra Criscenzo               


L.         Liaison

1) Christine Dell'Aglio                , High School PTA

2)  Patricia Fantulin                     , Elementary School PTA

3)  Richard Formicola                  , Booster Club

4)  Peter Triolo                              , Performing Arts Parents

5)  Maryalice Thomas                  , Special Education

6)  Sandra Criscenzo                    , Midland Park Public Education Foundation

7)  James Canellas                        , Board of Recreation

8)  Nabil Eliya                               , Continuing Education




a.    New Jersey School Boards
       Patricia Fantulin

 b.    Bergen County School Boards
       Peter Triolo

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