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YEAR ROUND GARDENING                                                  FEE: $55

Wednesday, 7-9:30 p.m.      (1 sess. Mar. 3)                                    Virtual

Why settle for frozen or canned vegetables or dried herbs when you can grow your own fresh produce practically year-round here in New Jersey? It’s easier than you might think.  We’ll discuss techniques to get you started from the simplest window sill garden to hot house gardening and everything in between. Knowing which varieties to plant and when can make all the difference. These time-tested and proven techniques will have you amazing your friends and neighbors as you harvest vegetables just when they are beginning to plant them! We always have a great Q & A session at the end of the class and our gardeners share their success stories as well as questions. Join us for a fun-filled evening!  Materials will be mailed to all students prior to class.   Instructor: DONALD J. KANARR




Wednesday, 7-9 p.m. (1 sess. Mar. 10)                                                           Virtual

If you want to have the prettiest flowers and eat the freshest, tastiest, and most healthy produce ever, but hate to weed and don’t have much time to spend in the garden each day, then you’re in luck. A SF Garden is: 50% of the cost, 20% of the space, 10% of the water, 5% of the seeds, 2% of the work and 100% as much harvest as a traditional back yard row garden. It makes gardening success easy. No weeding. No digging. No tilling. No kidding! Is your backyard soil as hard as a brick? No problem! You won’t be using it in your raised beds, and as a bonus the soil is totally organic! Join us for a light and fun-filled evening of useful gardening information, class participation and a question and answer session. You will be amazed to learn what you can grow all year long by using some of our simple tricks. Materials will be mailed to all students prior to class.   Instructor: DONALD J. KANARR


Wednesday, 7-9:30 p.m.(1 sess. Mar. 17))                                          Virtual

Plant basil or carrots by your tomatoes for a better harvest and better tasting tomatoes, but don’t plant anything in the onion family near your peas or you will stunt their growth! Sounds crazy but it’s true. Gardeners and farmers have known this for hundreds of years. The proper layout of your garden patch will greatly enhance its productivity and taste. Knowing what to plant next after harvesting one type of vegetable in your garden is just as crucial. Each plant variety has different requirements. This course will teach you how to successfully do both for a productive and disease and pest resistant garden. Materials will be mailed to students prior to class.  Instructor: DONALD J. KANARR


SPROUTS, MICROGREENS & BABY GREENS                    FEE: $75

Wednesday 7-9:30 pm (1 sess. Mar. 24)                                      Virtual

Together we’ll explore the differences between sprouts, microgreens and baby greens and how to grow all of them year-round in your home. Sprouts have very important health properties due to their high levels of nutrients and enzymes, which give our body valuable energy to detox and strengthen our immune system. Broccoli sprouts contain 20 to 50 times more nutrients than mature broccoli and have sulfora- phane, a powerful anti-cancer compound that helps fight and reduce the risk of developing cancer.  We will also discuss the benefits of growing and juicing wheat grass which is another powerhouse for good health. Join us for a fun-filled evening of tips for living a healthier life.  Each student will receive a tray of organic broccoli sprouts to take home.  Trays will be available for pick up at Midland Park High School prior to this class.   Instructor: DONALD J. KANARR

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